The varied expertise and capabilities gained by the group over the years are now being offered to others who may benefit from it under a new company of the group. This entity called Indian Greeen Revolution Private Limited offers consultancy, R&D and equipment production capabilities to other companies and groups.


Our expertise in sugar production (raw white & refined), ethanol, co-generation of power, paper, spirits and on going projects in the real estate & hospitality sector allow us to undertake turnkey projects and consultancies that can help other units achieve rapid efficiencies, growth and profitability. Yadu Corporation is poised to offer its services in the following areas:

  • Process Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Design & Engineering
  • Equipment Manufacturing
  • Industrial/ Plant
  • Automation
  • Software Expertise
  • Project Engineering
  • Project Management & Control
  • Commissioning & Procurement Services
  • Commodity Trading
  • Customized Solutions

Our extensive R&D units in Punjab and Uttar Pradesh involve some of the finest sugar technocrats, engineers and designers in the country who relentlessly work towards development of new technologies in project areas like ZERO Effluent, Trash Separation System, Steam Economical Devices, Cane Harvesters, Spent Concentrator, Yeast Recovery, Zero Pollution for paper industries, amongst others. The team is well equipped to offer consultancy, project management and training programs as required.

Mill automation includes:

  • Automatic cane preparation
  • Cane feeding
  • Mill roller setting
  • Trash plate setting
  • Mill maceration as per crushing
  • Moisture control 48% on crushing TCH
  • Bagasse pol less than 1.8% g p


Process House automation includes:

  • Exhaust Contro
  • Sulphur and lime feed automation
  • Heat recovery from flashing
  • Direct Contact heaters
  • Pan Automation
  • Centrifugal house automation


The group has been actively involved in running its own channel and executing premiere media and entertainment events. ‘Space TV’ a niche channel focusing on real estate, lifestyle and tourism is targeted at the NRI audience and has a substantial viewership in Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Phillipines, Bahrain and other African countries. Future plans include expansion within niche media segments that tap unexplored areas and open up the market potential. Currently collaborative opportunities in the segment are actively being assessed and plans will be announced shortly.