transportation policy

As a global conglomerate, the Yadu Corporation is committed to the efficient and safe transport of our people, goods and materials, as well as minimizing the impact of transportation and logistics management on the environment and communities. We shall strive for the continual improvement and implementation of exemplary transportation practices and governance systems.

Every Yadu Corporation Company shall endeavor to:

  • Ensure compliance with applicable regulations and the requirements of the ABG Sustainability Framework;
  • Establish a leadership team to provide governance of transportation program design and implementation;
  • Adopt technology enabled features to improve safety and endeavour to minimize environmental impacts in ABG transport fleet as well as contract and logistics services;
  • Influence our suppliers and vendors to adopt a similar, sustainable approach towards their deliveries into our sites;
  • Train employees, contract workers and logistics partners on our transportation requirements, safety standards and practices for effective program management;
  • Set-up feedback mechanisms for employees, drivers and partners for continual improvement of our transportation programmes;
  • Establish metrics and goals to track incidents, resource consumption and emissions and report our progress;
  • Develop emergency plans;
  • Continually improve the efficiency and reduce the risks associated with our transportation management systems. Each Yadu Corporation Company shall sign this policy or develop an equivalent policy that shall be implemented throughout its operations. This policy will be reviewed periodically for its suitability and updated as necessary.
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