environmental policy

Yadu Corporation, a global conglomerate, recognizes that effective management of environment impacts is a fundamental part of our business. We shall strive to integrate sound environmental practices across the Group’s management and governance systems to minimize environmental impacts and attain a leadership position in environmental stewardship.

Every Yadu Corporation Company shall endeavour to:

  • Maintain positive legal compliance to environmental regulations and conform to the requirements of Yadu Corporation Sustainability Framework;
  • Progressively develop, implement and maintain an internationally accepted environmental management system in our operations and new projects;
  • Take initiatives towards efficient use of natural resources and energy; reduction and prevention of pollution; and promoting waste avoidance and recycling measures in line with internationally disseminated technologies and practices;
  • Enhance environmental awareness through participation and consultation with employees and contractors by training and effective channels of communication;
  • Engage with internal and external stakeholders and wider communities to broaden our understanding of environmental priorities, their links to global issues and initiate actions on key environmental challenges;
  • Influence our contractors and suppliers to adopt the Yadu Corporation environmental policies, principles and practices and encourage appropriate environmental management across the supply and value chain;
  • Continually improve environmental performance of current and future products, services and infrastructure of the Yadu Corporation’s Companies;
  • Monitor, measure, report the progress, performance of environmental conservation and management initiatives in compliance with internationally recognized protocols and communicate approach and achievements to relevant stakeholders.

Each Yadu Corporation Company shall sign up to this policy or develop an equivalent that shall be implemented throughout its operations.

This policy will be reviewed periodically for its suitability and updated as necessary.

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