crisis management policy

Yadu Corporation is a diversified group of companies with presence in varied sectors and geographies. We recognize the importance of building a common understanding of Crisis Management for any incident or series of incidents that can escalate into a crisis, with an objective to protect life, the environment, assets, brand, reputation and stakeholder confidence. We are committed to provide leadership and an effective Crisis Management framework to ensure consistency in planning and a timely response to an incident or situation that may be designated as a Crisis.

Every Yadu Corporation Company endeavours to:

  • Establish site emergency plans at all sites to manage events whose impacts while serious do not require the resources needed by a crisis;
  • Establish and maintain a Crisis Management manual, including an escalation protocol, and appropriate Business Continuity / Disaster Recovery plans to maintain production and customer service levels;
  • Ensure compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements and conform to the requirements of Yadu Corporation Crisis Management Technical Standard;
  • Establish and maintain a Crisis Management organization with defined roles and responsibilities for managing a Crisis;
  • Establish a crisis management governance programme to oversee the development and maintenance of a crisis management plan that also fosters and reinforces organisational resilience (and if appropriate covers crises at key outsourced or supplier sites);
  • Identify generic outcomes and quantify the impact of incidents whose severity is sufficient that they would be designated as a Crisis;
  • Identify response options to be invoked in the event that an incident is declared as a Crisis;
  • Plan for and provide access to physical and technical resources likely to be required during the management of a Crisis;
  • Ensure a communication protocol is established and functional to disseminate timely and accurate information among internal and external stakeholders during a crisis;
  • Establish a programme of training, desk-top tests and full-scale drills designed to simulate high risk incidents and crisis scenarios;
  • Pursue excellence through continuous improvement based on learnings from Crisis scenarios and drill programmes.

Each Yadu Corporation Company shall sign up to this policy or develop an equivalent that shall be implemented throughout their operations.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically for its suitability and updated as necessary.

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