supply chain and procurement policy

Yadu Corporation understands the importance of building a sustainable supply chain for the growth and sustenance of businesses. We recognise the importance of developing a strong relationship with suppliers and building their capabilities which will improve the Group’s performance. Working with suppliers on improving their process and practices is a priority for the Group and is integral to our commitment towards the Responsible Stewardship of our operations. Further, external factors will affect the suppliers of our raw materials, equipment and components over time and maintaining a robust and viable supply chain is vital to the sustainability of our businesses. The Yadu Corporation’s goal is to procure sustainable goods and services that represent the best price, quality, delivery and technological offering.

Every Yadu Corporation Company shall therefore endeavour to:

  • Ensure compliance to the local and national legislation within the supply chain adherence to our Code of Business Ethics and Compliance Standards and conformance to the Yadu’s Sustainability Framework requirements by tier one suppliers;
  • Create a supply chain that is resilient and viable in presence of risks and opportunities potentially arising from the external legal, technical, environmental and societal megatrends as part of our business future-proofing programme;
  • Build capability within the supply chain and work towards creating best in class supply chain solutions; • Adhere to the principle of traceability to the origin of goods throughout the supply chain;
  • Promote resource conservation, use of alternative materials and renewable energy, water stewardship, safety, health, respect for human rights and elimination of child and forced labour across the supply chain;
  • Build capability within the supply chain and work towards creating best in class supply chain solutions;
  • Influence our suppliers to adopt the Yadu Corporation Sustainability Framework policies and standard and encourage developing an equivalent management systems throughout the supply and value chain.
  • Actively communicate and disclose our approach and achievements to the suppliers.

Each Yadu Corporation Company shall sign up to this policy or develop an equivalent that shall be implemented throughout our operations.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically for its suitability and updated as necessary.

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