food safety policy

Yadu Corporation, recognises its responsibility towards supply and use of safe, legal and hygienic food products and food contact materials. We are committed to the protection of health and well-being of our customers, employees, contract employees and visitor’s thereby achieving customer/ consumer confidence in our food products and food contact materials.

Every Yadu Corporation Company endeavours to achieve this by:

  • Maintaining positive legal compliance to applicable food safety regulations;
  • Ensuring best practices at all stages of the food supply chain and providing adequate and competent resources;
  • Undertaking robust HACCP studies to identify hazards and associated critical control points and developing effective plans to manage them;
  • Ensuring highest standards of hygiene for facilities and people;
  • Build employees’ food safety and quality capabilities through structured programmes that develop technical skills, increase awareness, manage risk and drive increasing levels of excellence;
  • Addressing the food safety management during the planning phase of acquisitions, mergers and new projects;
  • Ensuring adequate emergency response capability in case of food safety emergency;
  • Actively communicate food safety and quality aspects to customers and other stakeholders that are relevant to the food safety management programs.

Each Yadu Corporation Company shall sign up to this policy or develop an equivalent that shall be implemented throughout the company.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically for its suitability and updated as necessary.

Ensuring highest standards of food safety and hygiene