future proofing policy

Yadu Corporation recognises the importance of taking a long term view; of being proactive and positively shaping markets that enable business and society to flourish now and going forward; and how both are key for our businesses to be successful for decades to come. We are committed to taking a strategic approach to managing uncertainty. We know that we cannot predict what the future will bring, but we endeavour to be prepared for the different developments and are poised to capitalize on different possible opportunities as they emerge. We shall strive to manage and proactively minimise the risks that the global megatrends and unexpected events might present. We seek to be adaptable, agile and to use foresight to ensure our business models, operations, acquisitions and projects are not locked into unsustainable paths. We aim to maintain a balance of focus between the short term and long term business success in financial and strategic processes. We believe in future proofing our businesses.

Every Yadu Corporation Company endeavours to achieve this by:

  • Ensuring our leaders hold the necessary skills and have access to the information and tools needed to operate in an uncertain, long term context; are motivated to operate with long term success in mind; and are responsible for integrating this within our processes;
  • Using future proofing techniques to uncover the legal, technical, environmental and social shifts that may pose business opportunity and risk;
  • Scanning for trends and signals of change that affect our market context in its broadest sense, including resource constraints and societal trends that could disrupt our businesses, and using these global insights in our strategies, portfolio decisions and all types of planning. We will do this on an on-going basis by constantly engaging with strategic stakeholders to understand what long term future could be emerging; and
  • Understanding what can and cannot be predicted about our future and taking an appropriate management approach for managing the impacts of change: o Preparing our operations, products and services to succeed given what can be predicted, for instance a more water constrained world; o Where there are uncertainties, planning for success in multiple possible future contexts through using techniques such as scenario planning; and o Mitigating possible sources of business and growth constraint, and being prepared with response plans for possible disruptions in order to support successful continuity of our activities and protect value.

Each Yadu Corporation Company shall sign up to this policy or develop an equivalent that shall be implemented throughout the company.

This policy shall be reviewed periodically for its suitability and updated as necessary.

Preparing resources for unexpected crisis